Commit ec96be0c authored by Carmen Carlan's avatar Carmen Carlan
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Solved merge conflicts

Issue-ref: 3854

Signed-off-by: carlan
parents b79aa8a1 89763097
assesment.html dca019e58a7231bc5d4fd24c6817bbea6bac5242 YELLOW
assesment.html ad4b61d6aa1979892e1338f0e426b24709bed6b6 YELLOW
creation.html 83b2abc791928b79d6ac7b6f4659974db13ce411 YELLOW
maintenance.html eabfbf0e6f1932d19e4be3701e481607bed9088d YELLOW
reports.html 20e9ab816448b33ff09fcd2ccbd531d2a4caeeb7 YELLOW
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