Commit 7f449965 authored by Tiziano Munaro's avatar Tiziano Munaro
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[git] Update .gitignore and include the bin folder

* Use the same .gitignore file as e.g. in the af3-rcp repository.

Issue-Ref: 3827

Signed-off-by: Tiziano Munaro's avatarTiziano Munaro <>
parent 93ccc1b7
......@@ -25,11 +25,14 @@ import org.junit.runners.Suite.SuiteClasses;
// @CodeFormatterOff
@SuiteClasses({,,,, // CCodeEquivalenceTest
@SuiteClasses({,,,, // CCodeEquivalenceTest, // testInitializeSimulator and testIncorrectConnections, // make shell gcc don't work on my comp, }), })
// @CodeFormatterOn
public class AllTests {
// empty class
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