Commit 00500655 authored by Florian Hölzl's avatar Florian Hölzl

Kernel: Increased default zoom levels of graphical editors.

Issue-Ref: 3970
Issue-Url: Florian Hölzl's avatarFlorian Hoelzl <>
parent cfd6bfb7
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ 0548da6778516003257f59d0b4c2b60d458be3b6 GREE 9c09fff92945256bb8680992ae7bb2c78f47b150 GREEN 40caf638c7b4c02da5aece0d9d58883bce630e76 GREEN 8bb00fe7959583e794ff9437b7a77404c9a9e70f GREEN f6b160b700a0287021402b5702beb2bfdce3dc2e GREEN 86fb5b558794ffa6471ca343934592b6fa4277f6 YELLOW b9b1a1c5a48a6e677d1f57ad55a6126d9703c4b5 GREEN d0efc1e9ca2fbbefb861f1ae8176ad9ec08a08a8 GREEN 9e237d8ea640c4194e4877af4a9cfce88698e543 GREEN
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