Commit 018ed577 authored by Andreas Bayha's avatar Andreas Bayha
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Rollback of ElementCompositorBase (used in variability)

refs 2998
parent d8f58f71 262582adfab8dc879e7ebb14198b2c98f7194a4d GREEN 8352a59d19fd971b1297052575066f3fae13bfef GREEN a5b1fdbdd5ce915789144077ec66b3569142f80c GREEN 8667281b2e5988b11390cf77deab5d118f297ab1 YELLOW e2f17f02fae75a17e955d48734ed043323f26f04 GREEN 62de3ea391ecb515883490517aa2e94ab812d91b GREEN 0ffeb1f02a3f7476abcb467ebe07d3c5d5561b86 GREEN
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