Commit 47284d9c authored by Simon Barner's avatar Simon Barner
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- Remove code rating entries for package.html files

refs 3194
parent f920ce7f 2224cf2032e587d63a8bb492c7644dd3dadff898 GREEN 22483331213a0ccb3af181cec9c8e353943c50f3 GREEN
package.html 9c93b362aa08469f124ba40c19fa7c6ca81ba7e3 GREEN
......@@ -14,4 +14,3 @@ 538b5edbab06e95bc32e81309482e36a4bc64d1e GREEN 8ab06ad3b72fdb2b1925e2ccbedcfea35e36cf24 YELLOW f159b17ac1ce2ce0d94c1a873d74e052ac2dc74b GREEN 9586f7f13b69b89d2b443312373e7f15aac92bd8 GREEN
package.html 48070e4e770edba1e9244c2a6dac2a705c1085e9 GREEN
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