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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ 67c307ac15d7f45ad970ab1df42f4729fee09518 GREEN d4cce5af54efc59b33415a34d5130ab8952d60ce GREEN 3af0350a488adf676d5b5e5ccad2087fb97c3d5b GREEN 12f6323750cde28cefa99c1ec9d45191c8779109 GREEN 8892ae7b43495a2c7bc1dde16cb433860f5214bc RED 6feeb52a46b4b3a4c3d72f857f019434e12e2fe5 YELLOW ab9170f3918a069fa2a3aabae0436618317fa7b8 GREEN 8f9cb1e750afb577f528d330165a9f377e23aa8b GREEN f8e2cf4444ab4808ac8c45b65840619b367ba112 GREEN
......@@ -141,9 +141,9 @@ public abstract class ModelElementHandlerBase<T extends EObject> implements IMod
return element;
// TODO(SB): Please improve documentation to explain difference to / interplay with getIcon()
* Retrieves the overlay, that is applied to the icon of the given element.
* Returns the overlay, that is applied to the icon of the given element.
* This overlay is used in getIcon() to decorate the image of getIconImageDescriptor().
* @param element
* The element for which its icon shall be decorated with the overlay.
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