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......@@ -24,18 +24,13 @@ import org.fortiss.tooling.base.ui.editpart.ConnectionEditPartBase;
import org.fortiss.tooling.base.ui.layout.IDiagramLayoutConfiguration;
* TODO: comment outdated? e.g. simulation value, bend points?
* Base class for allocation connection edit parts. It provides the figure, labels for the
* connection name and a highlighted simulation value, as well as, bend point
* handling. The basic extension is refresh visuals as only connections between visible edit parts
* are shown.
* Base class for allocation connection edit parts.
* @author eder
* @author $Author: hoelzl $
* @version $Rev: 18709 $
* @param <T>
* @ConQAT.Rating YELLOW Hash: 1F9B1A2E2A693C00218F66D1F0390BD8
* @ConQAT.Rating YELLOW Hash: 268DD09BF527D2CCD78FAFCB933C0D85
public abstract class AllocationConnectionEditPartBase<T extends ConnectionSegmentBase> extends
ConnectionEditPartBase<T> {
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