Commit 8f91fad1 authored by Tiziano Munaro's avatar Tiziano Munaro
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Issue-Ref: 3846

Signed-off-by: Tiziano Munaro's avatarTiziano Munaro <>
parent c33befbb ad1c6ecba7fbb2dff0d72ea12cd5040abe52364f YELLOW 792b6f10042562983b192cfe2a2547221391e701 YELLOW e7572738d19c81fd507bc8ca88a3408058d88bf0 YELLOW ad1c6ecba7fbb2dff0d72ea12cd5040abe52364f GREEN 792b6f10042562983b192cfe2a2547221391e701 GREEN e7572738d19c81fd507bc8ca88a3408058d88bf0 GREEN e18e66236b223eaf4c22037459779b421a0c2703 GREEN
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ 34c0a191bd0fb4176c94b4d61abb5c88a679d5e8 GREEN 0f8be020f2ca4bb08931c32452163c04a28e30ce GREEN 979d0e1f4f66a2b3e715d2da0ebef6493f547fd7 GREEN 0a0c2969d793d2e68094c55c8f7b0a662ef6e5d5 GREEN 36a464aeda8c9e4f658bf7305f70892052d83096 YELLOW af30c39f36db02322c0a805bfc67ffeeb157c52b GREEN 7ce63242b49eb9a7cd4eaadd223f5ebce1dfd75b GREEN 6face1b673126701a0721af48ead2f9766c17d46 GREEN fff43dc4e84cdd89c3ece4f5d9d89aec4b0749c2 GREEN
......@@ -313,8 +313,7 @@ public class EcoreUtils {
* Returns a list of all parent {@link EObject}s that satisfy the given {@link Predicate}. If
* none
* are found, an empty list is returned.
* none are found, an empty list is returned.
* @param child
* The {@link EObject} from which the "upwards" search shall begin.
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