Commit e510f333 authored by Florian Hölzl's avatar Florian Hölzl
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Kernel: updated LWFXEFF for viewer customization.

Issue-Ref: 3815

Signed-off-by: Florian Hölzl's avatarFlorian Hoelzl <>
parent f2f010bb
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ 0548da6778516003257f59d0b4c2b60d458be3b6 GREE 9c09fff92945256bb8680992ae7bb2c78f47b150 GREEN 2e520be0bbae7d0aebdff70218a124dbe0896ce2 YELLOW 8bb00fe7959583e794ff9437b7a77404c9a9e70f GREEN deabdd92833c75ffcc43bcc5eab05c4d74164b6d YELLOW 5aa3971c06da012c2c2d84d5858b5f977dc6dd8b YELLOW 4c5ac569c0b6e7678fc8191096b26dfd09fdcb98 GREEN 384727748f125c9d43f19d9c0eba4ba1be5a7a26 GREEN 9e237d8ea640c4194e4877af4a9cfce88698e543 GREEN
......@@ -39,9 +39,15 @@ public abstract class LWFXEFEditorBase<T extends EObject> extends FXEditorBase<T
createControllerFactory(), cb -> {
return viewer.getVisualNode();
/** Customize the viewer after it is created. The default implementation changes nothing. */
protected void customizeViewer() {
// the default does nothing
/** Create the {@link IModelFactory}. */
protected abstract IModelFactory createModelFactory();
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