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Navigate to selected element when opening editor

Ulrich Schöpp requested to merge 4202-and-4162 into master

This patch makes editors navigate to selected elements (together with the associated af3 patch).

  • The Data Dictionary scrolls to model elements when they are opened. For example, if one double clicks on structure in the model tree on the left, the Data Dictionary editor will scroll to the right location.
  • Clicking "Go to type" in the property section of a component's port will open the type definition in the Data Dictionary.
  • The diagram viewer scrolls to elements when they are opened. For example, double clicking a task in a Task Architecture will center the task in the diagram viewer.

There are two small bug fixes:

  • The property section of component ports used to mark the model as modified as soon as one selects any port.
  • In the diagram viewer, the scroll bars were not right when the content did not start at 0.

Closes: #4202 Closes: #4162

Edited by Ulrich Schöpp

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