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Icons: Add icons, windows icon file, instructions

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**Instructions to create/modify the windows icon**
* Use GIMP to edit the file icon.xcf: It contains 7 layers of images,
one for each required icon.
* The list of required images can be found at
Enumeration from 2019-02-12:
1. 256x256, 32 bit (RGB / Alpha Channel)
2. 48x48, 32 bit (RGB / Alpha Channel)
3. 32x32, 32 bit (RGB / Alpha Channel)
4. 16x16, 32 bit (RGB / Alpha Channel)
5. 48x48, 8 bit (256 colors)
6. 32x32, 8 bit (256 colors)
7. 16x16, 8 bit (256 colors)
* Each of these images is stored as a separate bmp file.
* In order to create a new image, open the af3_icon_squared.bmp file in Gimp and
scale it to the required size (upper folder). Store the result as a bmp file.
* Next, copy the layer and insert in the open "icon.xcf" file in GIMP.
* Select the newly created layer and "Add as new layer" (or similar).
* Name the layer appropriately (F2 key) and save the result.
* Export the result to a file named "icon.ico". In the export dialog, there are
two major things to look for:
* The bit sizes of the layers must correspond to the above enumeration (unordered).
* Each layer must be uncompressed.
......@@ -56,15 +56,9 @@ governing permissions and limitations under the License.
<launcher name="autofocus3-phoenix">
<linux icon="icons/dock_icons/icon128.xpm"/>
<macosx icon="icons/dock_icons/icon128.icns"/>
<win useIco="false">
<win useIco="true">
<ico path="icons/dock_icons/icon.ico"/>
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